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Tierexperiment: In einer tierexperimentellen Studie wurde die lokale Wirkung von Ringer-Lösung, PVP-Jod, Polihexanid sowie Gentamicin auf die Synovialis und den hyalinen Gelenkknorpel adulter männlicher Chinchilla-Bastard-Kaninchen untersucht. Es wurden 1 Kontrollgruppe und 4 Behandlungsgruppen mit jeweils 10 untersuchten Kniegelenken gebildet. 4 Wochen(More)
Insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes mellitus (IDDM) has been shown to alter the properties of bone and impair bone repair in both humans and animals. The objective of this study was the detailed histomorphometric evaluation of the influence of the diabetic metabolic state on bone formation and remodeling during bone defect healing depending on the defect size(More)
Insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes mellitus (IDDM) has been shown to alter the properties of bone and to impair fracture-healing in both humans and animals. The objective of this study was to examine changes in the histomorphometric and mechanical parameters of bone and remodeling during bone-defect healing, depending on the diabetic metabolic state in(More)
A simplified method of low temperature methyl and butyl methacrylate embedding (up −20° to −15° C) is demonstrated using a proper redox system of benzoyl peroxide and aromatic amine. This method combines the morphological superiority of plastic-embedded bone tissue and bone marrow sections with the advantages of specific enzyme histochemical and(More)
Alterations in the p16/cyclinD1/Rb and ARF/Mdm2/p53 pathways are frequent events in the pathogenesis of squamous cell carcinomas. Different mechanisms of p16 regulation have been described for penile carcinomas so far. Therefore, expression of p16 and p53 was immunohistochemically detected with monoclonal antibodies in 52 primary invasive penile squamous(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was the development and proof testing of an arthroscopic dorsal ligament plasty using a hydrojet knife in the pig TMJ before using in man. MATERIAL AND METHODS The dorsal TMJ ligament of ten pigs (country breed) was irradiated with a hydrojet (diameter 120 microm, working pressure 90 bar) under arthroscopic visualization.(More)
Kashin-Beck disease is an acquired, chronic and degenerative osteoarticular disorder. Selenium deficiency and fulvic acid in drinking water have been implicated in the cause of this disease. Pathologically, chondronecrosis of the growth plate and articular cartilage and subconsequent disturbance of ossification were observed in the joints. In this animal(More)
OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS Evaluation of the impact of continuously topically released dexamethasone using a drug-releasing stent on quality of regenerated mucosa after full thickness injury in the paranasal sinuses. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, controlled, randomized, double-blinded animal study. METHODS Nineteen New Zealand white rabbits were subjected to(More)
BACKGROUND This study is an evaluation of wound healing in an animal model for surgery of frontal sinusitis and treatment effect of topically released dexamethasone using a drug-releasing stent with special emphasis of osteoneogenesis. METHODS A prospective, controlled, randomized, double-blinded animal study was performed. Nineteen New Zealand white(More)
Six patients with traumatic bone injuries were treated by packing ultraporous beta-tricalcium phosphate (beta-TCP), a synthetic bone void filler, into defect sites using firm finger pressure. Radiographs showed new bone consolidating in treated sites after as little as 2 months. A biopsy obtained from a fractured calcaneus 9 months after surgery showed new(More)