Eduard Shuralev

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Efforts to develop a better diagnostic assay for bovine tuberculosis have shown that the sensitivity and specificity of an assay can be improved by the use of two or more antigens. As reported here, we developed a multiplex chemiluminescent immunoassay that can simultaneously detect antibody activity to 25 antigens in a single well in a 96-well plate array(More)
Although the single intradermal comparative tuberculin skin test (SICTT) remains the most effective assay for detecting cattle infected with Mycobacterium bovis, not all infected animals are detected with the SICTT. This has made it difficult to control bovine tuberculosis using a single assay. Use of the gamma interferon assay in conjunction with the SICTT(More)
Rapid, simple, and accurate antemortem tests for tuberculosis (TB) in cattle need to be developed in order to augment the existing screening methods. In particular, as cattle vaccines are developed, such tests would allow the continuation of test-and-slaughter policies alongside vaccination. Therefore, the development of an assay that distinguishes infected(More)
A study was conducted to optimise a multiplex serological immunoassay for use in identification of goats infected with Mycobacterium bovis. To assess assay specificity, 31 goats with a history of being free from M. bovis infection were used. To determine assay sensitivity, 180 Single Intradermal Comparative Tuberculin test (SICTT) positive goats were(More)
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