Eduard Pavlović

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This paper evaluates and compares basic emotional reactions towards the illness, as well as the quality of life in relation to the various types of treatment of isolated long tubular bone fractures of extremities in children and adolescents. This prospective clinical research comprehends 135 patients (94 males and 41 females), aged 10 to 18, treated for the(More)
For the general public, but also for healthcare professionals, schizophrenia is still one of those areas of medicine connected with feelings of unease, fear and prejudice. These feelings lead to stigmatization and discrimination which are unjust processes which put patients suffering from mental illnesses into undesirable and unequal positions. Aim of this(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual self-perception is just one of the items of the complex system of self, which has rarely been researched in the population of mental health patients. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to establish whether the differences in sexual self-perception exist between schizophrenic and depressive patients compared with the healthy control group. (More)
OBJECTIVE Suicides and induced abortions are primarily both premature deaths. Standardized death rates often show the certain level of medical standards in the different countries. The aim of this paper was to determine suicide rates in Croatia and its neighbouring countries (Hungary, Slovenia and Italy) associated with induced abortions and standardized(More)
The data of the "Little Ice Age" (1500-1850) in Croatia and those which applied to human health were especially emphasized were analyzed. They are some which stand out like: importance of the sort of soil and relief, the influence of cutting down of woods and cattle-breeding and especially the war which lasted for 250 years in the territory of Croatia. The(More)
Vladimir Hudolin was born in Ogulin in 1922 and died in Zagreb in 1996. He was one of the best students of the Susak grammar school and distinguished himself in a Catholic youth association Domagoj. In 1940, he moved to Zagreb to study medicine. In 1948 he graduated, and in 1951 specialised in psychiatry. His field of expertise was social psychiatry,(More)
The essence of human uniqueness and what is special about humans is spirituality. What is unique to every human being is his: language, sociability, politic, science, art, technical and working attitudes, playing games, fun and laughter, as well as religiosity and ethical attitudes. All of these dimensions are based upon spirituality or even the human(More)
OBJECTIVE It is well documented that religion has an impact on mental health of both healthy people and mental health patients. However, scientific research regarding the influence of religion on sexual experiences and sexual self-perception in mental health patients and healthy people is very scarce. GOAL Therefore, our goal was to research how and in(More)
Aim of this research was to establish effects and influence of personality traits on sexual functioning of schizophrenic and depressive patients, compared to healthy individuals. 300 participants were included in this research. For patients suffering from schizophrenia it was established that the more they are open to experience and the less they are(More)
Salvator Karabaić was born in Krk in 1884. In 1904, he finished a grammar school in Susak, and in 1910 graduated from the Vienna Medical School. From 1910 to 1919, he worked in Pula/Pola and Kovin. From 1919 to 1929 he worked at the Institute for Mental illnesses Stenjevec (today the Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce) where in 1921 he became the head physician(More)