Eduard Pavlović

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BACKGROUND Sexual self-perception is just one of the items of the complex system of self, which has rarely been researched in the population of mental health patients. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to establish whether the differences in sexual self-perception exist between schizophrenic and depressive patients compared with the healthy control group. (More)
OBJECTIVE Suicides and induced abortions are primarily both premature deaths. Standardized death rates often show the certain level of medical standards in the different countries. The aim of this paper was to determine suicide rates in Croatia and its neighbouring countries (Hungary, Slovenia and Italy) associated with induced abortions and standardized(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to examine the differences in satisfaction with life and coping strategies between patients with acute and chronic urticaria. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Sixty patients with urticaria were divided into 2 groups after 6 weeks of standardized dermatology treatment (33 patients with acute and 27 patients with chronic(More)
For the general public, but also for healthcare professionals, schizophrenia is still one of those areas of medicine connected with feelings of unease, fear and prejudice. These feelings lead to stigmatization and discrimination which are unjust processes which put patients suffering from mental illnesses into undesirable and unequal positions. Aim of this(More)
Aim of this research was to establish effects and influence of personality traits on sexual functioning of schizophrenic and depressive patients, compared to healthy individuals. 300 participants were included in this research. For patients suffering from schizophrenia it was established that the more they are open to experience and the less they are(More)
OBJECTIVE It is well documented that religion has an impact on mental health of both healthy people and mental health patients. However, scientific research regarding the influence of religion on sexual experiences and sexual self-perception in mental health patients and healthy people is very scarce. GOAL Therefore, our goal was to research how and in(More)
The essence of human uniqueness and what is special about humans is spirituality. What is unique to every human being is his: language, sociability, politic, science, art, technical and working attitudes, playing games, fun and laughter, as well as religiosity and ethical attitudes. All of these dimensions are based upon spirituality or even the human(More)
OBJECTIVE Aim of this research was to establish possible differences in sexual self-perception among acute and chronic schizophrenic patients, taking into consideration their hereditary predisposition. METHODS Two groups of schizophrenic patients were analyzed, consisting of 100 acute and 100 chronic schizophrenic patients, treated at the Psychiatric(More)
BACKGROUND Cronkhite-Canada syndrome is a very rare illness and psychical disturbances developed as a consequence of this illness are very rarely described. That is the case because majority of the symptoms of this syndrome are associated with the polyposis of the gastrointestinal tract. AIM The aim of this case report is to link the development of acute(More)
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