Eduard P. P. A. Derks

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Statistical model validation tools such as cross-validation, jack-knifing model parameters and permutation tests are meant to obtain an objective assessment of the performance and stability of a statistical model. However, little is known about the performance of these tools for megavariate data sets, having, for instance, a number of variables larger than(More)
Multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance experiments are an excellent means of revealing the three-dimensional structure of biomacromolecules in solution. However, the search space in the conformational analysis of biomacromolecules, using multi-dimensional NMR data, is huge and complex. This calls for global optimization techniques with good sampling(More)
This paper describes a parallel cross-validation (PCV) procedure, for testing the predictive ability of multi-layer feed-forward (MLF) neural networks models, trained by the generalized delta learning rule. The PCV program has been parallelized to operate in a local area computer network. Development and execution of the parallel application was aided by(More)
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