Eduard L. Murphy

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We measured cord transferrin and ferritin levels in 50 newborn infants with fetal conditions associated with either uteroplacental vascular insufficiency or chronic hypoxia. Sixteen small for gestational age infants, 21 infants of mothers with preeclampsia, and 13 symptomatic infants of diabetic mothers had significantly higher transferrin levels and lower(More)
Serum transferrin levels assess protein status in older children and adults. To generate standards for its use in newborn infants, we measured umbilical cord serum transferrin levels in 161 appropriate (AGA), 25 large (LGA) and 16 small (SGA) for gestational age infants between 25 and 43 weeks' gestation. We also assessed the effects of intrauterine growth,(More)
We assessed the relationship between neonatal hypoglycemia and newborn iron status in 15 hypoglycemic, large-for-date newborn infants, 12 of whom were infants of diabetic mothers. These infants had significantly lower mean serum iron concentrations, ferritin concentrations, percent iron-binding saturation and calculated iron stores, and significantly higher(More)
BACKGROUND Blood donor screening leads to large numbers of new diagnoses of Trypanosoma cruzi infection, with most donors in the asymptomatic chronic indeterminate form. Information on electrocardiogram (ECG) findings in infected blood donors is lacking and may help in counseling and recognizing those with more severe disease. OBJECTIVES To assess the(More)
We assessed the effect of short-term (less than or equal to 1 week) and prolonged (greater than 1 week) exposure to antenatal betamethasone on umbilical cord serum concentrations of retinol-binding protein (serum t 1/2 = 12 h), transthyretin (t 1/2 = 2 days), transferrin (t 1/2 = 8 days), retinol (vitamin A), and vitamin E in appropriate-for-gestational-age(More)
We prospectively measured serum transferrin levels weekly from birth until discharge in 33 preterm newborn infants hospitalized on the newborn intensive care unit (n = 130 weeks) to study whether transferrin levels accurately reflect recent nutritional intakes and predict subsequent changes in anthropometric measurements and serum protein levels. Mean daily(More)
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