Eduard Hradec

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Concrement lithotripsy in the kidney and ureter using extracorporeal shock waves (ESWL) was performed with the aid of a 2nd-generation lithotriptor--Lithostar Siemens. Over a period of 11 months ESWL was applied in 526 patients aged 7 to 80 years, 10 of these were children. 19 patients had bilateral lithiasis so that the treatment was applied to a total of(More)
Optical internal urethrotomy is a safe operative procedure for the management of a prevailing number of strictures of the male urethra. During the years 1976--1978, urethrotomy was carried out in 149 patients and the results are evaluated 1--3 years postoperatively. In the series of patients treated by urethrotomy without corticoid injection the rate of(More)
A 44-year old women with 8 years of analgesic abuse developed bilateral ureteral stenosis with urine congestion and manifestations of renal insufficiency. The resected parts of the ureters were affected by chronic productive inflammation with pronounced capillarosclerosis characteristic of analgesic abuse and largely responsible for the stenosis of the(More)
During transurethral electroresection in the posterolateral bladder neck, trigone and posterior urethra, unintentional contractions of the thigh-adductor muscles may occur due to irritation of the obturator nerve. The sudden displacement of the bladder wall against the cutting loop may cause a perforation of the bladder. The authors describe the topographic(More)
Serum and urinary amylase isoenzyme activities were evaluated in 70 patients with carcinoma of the prostate. The results were compared with amylase isoenzyme activities fo 20 healthy man and 30 patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy. Increased serum S-type amylase activity was found in 13 patients (18%) with carcinoma of the prostate, whereas no changes(More)