Eduard H Melief

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Filamenting temperature-sensitive protein Z (FtsZ), an essential cell division protein, is a promising target for the drug discovery of new-generation antibacterial agents against various bacterial pathogens. As a part of SAR studies on benzimidazoles, we have synthesized a library of 376 novel 2,5,6-trisubstituted benzimidazoles, bearing ether or thioether(More)
The transcriptional antirepressor AppA is a blue light using flavin (BLUF) photoreceptor that releases the transcriptional repressor PpsR upon photoexcitation. Light activation of AppA involves changes in a hydrogen-bonding network that surrounds the flavin chromophore on the nanosecond time scale, while the dark state of AppA is then recovered in a(More)
The folate receptor (FR) has been widely recognized as an excellent target for the tumor-selective delivery of cytotoxic agents, and four folate-drug conjugates have entered clinical evaluations for the treatment of solid tumors to date. However, most of these conjugates required structural modification of the cytotoxic warheads in order to achieve(More)
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