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1. The effect of sodium influx on anoxic damage was investigated in rat hippocampal slices. Previous experiments demonstrated that a concentration of tetrodotoxin which blocks neuronal transmission protects against anoxic damage. In this study we examined low concentrations of lidocaine (lignocaine; which do not block neuronal transmission), for their(More)
BACKGROUND The safe performance of regional anaesthesia (RA) requires theoretical knowledge and good manual skills. Virtual reality (VR)-based simulators may offer trainees a safe environment to learn and practice different techniques. However, currently available VR simulators do not consider individual anatomy, which limits their use for realistic(More)
PURPOSE The main purpose is to provide an intuitive VR-based training environment for regional anesthesia (RA). The research question is how to process subject-specific datasets, organize them in a meaningful way and how to perform the simulation for peripheral regions. METHODS We propose a flexible virtual patient architecture and methods to process(More)
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