Eduard Fernández Aguilar

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The auricular deformity of congenital microtia (Grade III) is almost always associated with congenital atresia, an affliction that can cause devastating physical and psychological trauma in children. Auricular reconstruction for congenital microtia (Grade III) should provide a child with a reasonable facsimile of an ear through a limited number of surgical(More)
Historically, fashioning an auricle for a patient born with microtia has been one of the most challenging endeavors in the repertoire of reconstructive surgeons. Despite many ideas advanced on types of materials for the auricular framework, the hands-down favorite and today's medium of choice is autogenous costal cartilage. A subject that remains up for(More)
Hemophilia A is the most severe of the inherited bleeding disorders. Otolaryngologists are frequently asked to assist in the care of a patient with this disorder who has intractable bleeding from sites in the head and neck. This disorder is transmitted in an X-linked recessive manner and results from factor VIII deficiency. Factor replacement therapy has(More)
Human echolocation is a technique that could improve the quality of life of most people who suffer from a visual impairment. This method consists of navigating the surroundings through the information provided by the echoes. These echoes are the reflections of sounds deliberately produced by the person who is trying to echolocate. This thesis is divided in(More)
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