Eduard Ferdinand van Beeck

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OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence and correlates of compliance and noncompliance with hand hygiene guidelines in hospital care. DESIGN A systematic review of studies published before January 1, 2009, on observed or self-reported compliance rates. METHODS Articles on empirical studies written in English and conducted on general patient populations in(More)
BACKGROUND Injuries are a major and persistent public health problem, but a comprehensive and detailed overview of the economic burden is missing. We therefore estimated the number of emergency department (ED) attendances and health care costs as a result of injury. METHODS We estimated lifetime health care costs of injuries occurring in The Netherlands(More)
BACKGROUND Insight into the distribution and determinants of both short- and long-term disability can be used to prioritize the development of prevention policies and to improve trauma care. We report on a large follow-up study in a comprehensive population of injury patients. METHODS We fielded a postal questionnaire in a stratified sample of 4,639(More)
BACKGROUND The collection of empirical data on the frequency, severity, and duration of functioning is a prerequisite to identify patient groups with long term or permanent disability. METHODS We fielded postal questionnaires in a stratified sample of 8,564 injury patients aged 15 years and older, who had visited an emergency department in the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence and determinants of disabilities and return to work after severe injury in a Dutch, Level I trauma center. METHODS We prospectively included 295 patients with an Injury Severity Score > or = 16 treated between January 1996 and January 1999. All survivors received a mailed questionnaire in(More)
We conducted a Medline search (1966-11/2003) on empirical studies into the consequences of burns. The International Classification of Functioning, disabilities and health (ICF) was used to classify dimensions of functional outcome. We included 50 studies, reporting a wide spectrum of ICF-dimensions. The current state of knowledge on the functional outcome(More)
OBJECTIVE To study potential determinants of hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers in the hospital setting. DESIGN A qualitative study based on structured-interview guidelines, consisting of 9 focus group interviews involving 58 persons and 7 individual interviews. Interview transcripts were subjected to content analysis. SETTING Intensive(More)
BACKGROUND Disability weights are necessary to estimate the disability component (years lived with disability, YLDs) of disability-adjusted life years. The original global burden of disease approach to deriving disability weights ignores temporary consequences of injury. OBJECTIVES To develop and apply novel empirical disability weights to improve(More)
BACKGROUND Hip fractures are a public health problem, leading to hospitalization, long-term rehabilitation, reduced quality of life, large healthcare expenses, and a high 1-year mortality. Especially older adults are at greater risk of fractures than the general population, due to the combination of an increased fall risk and osteoporosis. The aim of this(More)
BACKGROUND Injuries are a major cause of total health care costs. Cost estimations may help identify injuries and high risk-groups to be considered for potential intervention. METHODS Hospital discharge registers of 10 European countries were used to estimate injury incidence. Consensus was reached between the participating countries about methodology,(More)