Eduard Feldbach

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We carried out a combined study of UV-VUV luminescence and resonant x-ray emission from BeO single crystals with incident photon energies in the vicinity of the Be 1s absorption edge. The x-ray emission spectra show that at the Be 1s photoabsorption edge the lattice relaxation processes in the excitation site take place already on the timescale of the(More)
The properties of various inorganic scintillator materials with different origin of their VUV luminescence have been studied under pulsed excitation by XUV (50-1000 eV) synchrotron radiation. A comparison of spectral and timing characteristics of these crystalline VUV emitters has been performed. The processes of energy transfer from the host crystal to the(More)
Photoluminescence of scintillator materials based on intrinsic excitonic luminescence (PbWO4), and on extrinsic luminescence from doped trivalent rare earth ions (RE), such as Y3Al5O12:Ce and Lu3Al5O12:Pr was studied under excitation with free electron laser (FEL) light in the 50-100 eV energy range. In case of PbWO4, non-exponential behavior in the initial(More)
Fast (τ∼1.7 ns) broadband (full width at half-maximum = 1.1 eV) vacuum ultraviolet (VUV; hν = 8.4 eV) luminescence from MgF(2) crystals has been detected at low temperature (T<80 K) and analyzed with techniques of cathodoluminescence and time-resolved VUV spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation. The VUV emission discovered has been attributed to the(More)
This paper presents the results of the study of electronic excitations in undoped LiBaAlF(6) single crystals by means of luminescence spectroscopy and complimentary optical methods. The intrinsic emission at 4.2 eV due to self-trapped excitons was identified. The fast nanosecond defect-related luminescence was revealed at 3.0 eV. Both emissions degrade(More)
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