Eduard Fadeev

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Genome sequencing is rapidly becoming a staple technique in environmental and clinical microbiology, yet computational challenges still remain, leading to many draft genomes which are typically fragmented into many contigs. We sequenced and completely assembled the genome of a marine heterotrophic bacterium, Alteromonas macleodii HOT1A3, and compared its(More)
The study was carried out in 1983-1991 and covered a territory of about 10 x 10(6) km2 in various physico-geographic areas (East Fennoscandia, Northern Russian Plain, West Siberia, Central Siberia, North-Eastern Siberia, and Northern Pacific Region) in the Arctic, Subarctic, Northern-Central-Southern taiga, forest-steppe, and steppe in Northern Russia. A(More)
Between 1986 and 1987 the authors conducted virological survey of 689 Ixodes persulcatus and 420 mouse-like and insectivorous rodents at the territory of Arkhangelsk Province and the Republic of Komi. A total of 8 strains of tick-borne encephalitis virus were isolated. Out of them 3 strains were isolated from small mammalians (2 from Clethrionomys(More)
"Candidatus Marithrix" is a recently described lineage within the group of large sulfur bacteria (Beggiatoaceae, Gammaproteobacteria). This genus of bacteria comprises vacuolated, attached-living filaments that inhabit the sediment surface around vent and seep sites in the marine environment. A single filament is ca. 100 μm in diameter, several millimeters(More)
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