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Bandwidth demands resulting from generated traffics by emerging applications, when aggregated at the edge of the networks for transport over core networks can only be met with high-capacity WDM circuit switched optical networks. An efficient end-to-end delivery of packet streams in terms of network control, operation and management is one of the key(More)
GEYSERS aims at defining an end-to-end network architecture that offers a novel planning, provisioning and operational framework for optical network and IT infrastructure providers and operators. In this framework, physical infrastructure resources (network and IT) are dynamically partitioned to virtual resources and then composed into a Virtual(More)
G 2 MPLS is a Network Control Plane (NCP) architecture that implements the concept of Grid Network Services (GNS). In the Phosphorus framework, GNS allows the provisioning of network and Grid resources in a single-step through a set of seamlessly integrated procedures. The implementation of GNS poses a number of requirements on the Control Planes of the(More)
—In this paper we propose energy efficient design and operation of infrastructures incorporating integrated optical network and IT resources. For the first time we quantify significant energy savings of a complete solution jointly optimizing the allocation and provisioning of both network and IT resources. Our approach involves virtualization of the(More)
The convergence between IT and optical network services is a fundamental step to support new emerging applications, typically distributed and with strict requirements in terms of performance and service reliability. The FP7 GEYSERS project has designed a new network architecture capable of joint and on-demand provisioning of 'Optical Network + Any-IT'(More)
To assess the applicability of the World Health Organization (WHO) Neurobehavioral Core Test Battery (NCTB), we evaluated 53 male and 29 female Venezuelan workers exposed to mixtures of organic solvents in an adhesive factory, and 56 male and 11 female workers unexposed to any type of neurotoxic chemical. The average age of unexposed workers was 30 years(More)