Eduard Deines

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We present a new particle tracing approach for the simulation of midand high-frequency sound. Inspired by the photorealism obtained by methods like photon mapping, we develop a similar method for the physical simulation of sound within rooms. For given source and listener positions, our method computes a finiteresponse filter accounting for the different(More)
Vortex breakdowns and flow recirculation are essential phenomena in aeronautics where they appear as a limiting factor in the design of modern aircrafts. Because of the inherent intricacy of these features, standard flow visualization techniques typically yield cluttered depictions. The paper addresses the challenges raised by the visual exploration and(More)
Integral curves, such as streamlines, streaklines, pathlines, and timelines, are an essential tool in the analysis of vector field structures, offering straightforward and intuitive interpretation of visualization results. While such curves have a long-standing tradition in vector field visualization, their application to Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR)(More)
In this work we present several visualization approaches for analyzing acoustic behavior inside a room. Our methods are based on the results of the phonon tracing algorithm. For a simulated phonon map we examine the influence of the room surfaces on the wave fronts during their propagation from the sound source. Our visualization is based on individual(More)
We present a comparative visualization of the acoustic simulation results obtained by two different approaches that were combined into a single simulation algorithm. The first method solves the wave equation on a volume grid based on finite elements. The second method, phonon tracing, is a geometric approach that we have previously developed for interactive(More)
Acoustic quality in room acoustics is measured by well defined quantities, like definition, which can be derived from simulated impulse response filters or measured values. These take into account the intensity and phase shift of multiple reflections due to a wave front emanating from a sound source. Definition (D<sub>50</sub>) and clarity (C<sub>50</sub>)(More)
Crease surfaces describe extremal structures of 3D scalar fields. We present a new region-growing-based approach to the meshless extraction of adaptive nonmanifold valley and ridge surfaces that overcomes limitations of previous approaches by decoupling point seeding and triangulation of the surface. Our method is capable of extracting valley surface(More)
Multifluid simulations often create volume fraction data, representing fluid volumes per region or cell of a fluid data set. Accurate and visually realistic extraction of fluid boundaries is a challenging and essential task for efficient analysis of multifluid data. In this work, we present a new material interface reconstruction method for such volume(More)
We present an acoustic rendering approach visualizing the listener-specific contribution of frequency-dependent pressure fields on a scene geometry with acoustic reflection and scattering properties. Our method facilitates the evaluation of simulated acoustics showing the effect of simulation parameters like absorption and scattering. The image-based(More)