Eduard Brier

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The optimization of solution-processed organic bulk-heterojunction solar cells with the acceptor-substituted quinquethiophene DCV5T-Bu 4 as donor in conjunction with PC61BM as acceptor is described. Power conversion efficiencies up to 3.0% and external quantum efficiencies up to 40% were obtained through the use of 1-chloronaphthalene as solvent additive in(More)
Photoinduced and transient absorption spectroscopy is used to study triplet exciton dynamics in thin films of a new thiophene-based oligomer (DCV3T) and blends of DCV3T and fullerene C60. We find enhanced DCV3T triplet exciton generation in the blend layer, which is explained as an excitonic ping-pong effect: singlet energy transfer from DCV3T to C60,(More)
A new class of π-conjugated polycyclic hydrocarbons that promises interesting electronic properties is presented. The synthesis and extension of the S,N-heteroacene series consisting of only five-membered heterocyclic rings up to a very long, stable, and still soluble decacene SN10 is realized by multiple Pd-catalyzed aminations of halogenated thiophene(More)
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