Eduard Berenguer

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According to the 2001 Spanish budgetary previsions, the government deficit is about to disappear. We analyse this matter within a generational accounting framework. Accounting for the recent expansive phase of the economic cycle, we find that current fiscal policy is also intertemporally balanced provided that the favourable present employment situation(More)
In this paper we propose a pension policy that would isolate the social security system from any financial crisis resulting from changes in population structure. This policy consists of linking social security benefits to the fertility behaviour of the individual. We present a theoretical analysis to show that this policy restores the optimality of the(More)
Improving public involvement in health system decision making stands as a primary goal in health systems reform. However, still limited evidence is found on how best to elicit preferences for health care programs. This paper examines a contingent choice technique to elicit preferences among health programs so called, willingness to assign (WTAS). Moreover,(More)
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