Eduar Rodríguez

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This paper describes the sperm characteristics and response to cooling and freezing of naturally ejaculated semen from a captive, adult golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetus) trained to allow sperm recovery via cooperative copulation. A basic spermiogram was prepared, and sperm motility and morphometric variables recorded using a computer-aided system. For sperm(More)
Sperm morphology has been identified as one characteristic which can be useful in prediction of fertility in a species. The development of computer automated sperm morphometry analysis allows for objective analysis of sperm head dimensions. The aim of the current study was to develop an optimum sampling procedure to characterize the Iberian ibex (Capra(More)
This study compares the effectiveness of two methods of sperm selection - Capripure(®) density-gradient centrifugation (DGC) and dextran swim-up (DSU) - in semen samples from Iberian ibex (Capra pyrenaica) and European mouflon (Ovis musimon). During the increasing photoperiod, Capripure(®) DGC improved the percentage of sperm with progressive motility(More)
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