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Since they are rare and often latent, gastric metastases from breast cancer, principally lobular, are difficult to diagnose particularly at the isolated stage. The primitive and non specific nature of their symptomatology and the negativity of endoscopic biopsies should lead to early explorative laparotomy. Surgery is often palliative to reduce tumor load(More)
Based on a retrospective study of a series of 200 thyroidectomies for benign goitre and a mean follow up period of 12 Months, the authors analysed post-operative thyroid function and correlated it with the degree of surgical excision (47 unilateral lobectomies, 91 classical subtotal bilateral lobectomies and 62 extended bilateral subtotal lobectomies).(More)
Spontaneous regression of metastases from cancer of kidney is an exceptional event, original but non-specific to this neoplasm. Observed principally in secondary pulmonary localizations this phenomenon occurs most frequently after nephrectomy. A personal case is presented of regression of pulmonary images considered as being metastatic after irradiation of(More)
Two cases of trophoblastic tumor of placental site are reported, less than 30 such lesions being listed in the published literature. Identification of this tumor from among other trophoblastic lesions is facilitated by immunohistochemical and electron microscopy technics, and demonstration of histoprognostic and biologic criteria improves assessment of(More)
The gravity of the pelvic lymphocysts after extended lymphadeno-colpo-hysterectomies for uterine cancers has been outlined in many studies and only a preventive strategy can reduce the morbidity, which is mainly of urinary order. The present technique is in line with this approach and breaches the peritonization dogma in gynaecology. After the presentation(More)
When they analysed 80 cancers of the uterus, the authors showed how valuable it was both for diagnosis and prognosis to carry out cytological lavage of the peritoneum, particularly in cases of endometrial adenocarcinoma. The results of this study are compared with recent extracts appearing in the international literature. This technique makes it possible to(More)
Hurthle cell or oxyphil cell tumours of the thyroid, which consist of large cells with eosinophilic granular cytoplasm, rich in mitochondria, have given rise to much controversy in recent years. Difficulty in histological diagnosis (benign or malignant), unexpected evolution, and the possibility of very late recurrence and metastasis occurring in cases(More)
Used in 13 cases of advanced gynecological and gastrointestinal carcinoma, pelvic exclusion using a suspension of the small intestine above the pelvis using absorbable material. The low-level of morbidity, value in dosimetric estimation, perfect feasibility and low cost of this technique should lead to its more widespread use whilst strictly respecting its(More)