Edson T. Midorikawa

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The evaluation and prediction of parallel programs performance are becoming more and more important, so that they require appropriate techniques to identify the factors which influence the application execution time and also the way they interact. In this paper, we present some contributions of our research in this area by describing PEMPIs, a new(More)
Cloud Computing is one of the hottest topics researched today, with the objective of taking advantage of data center computational resources. Hardware and software virtualization make the environment scalable, redundant, and lower cost. This paper intends to characterize scientific and transactional applications in Cloud infrastructures - IaaS, identifying(More)
This paper presents a requirement engineering process applied to performance non-functional requirements, which are an important factor to get quality results in software projects. The process includes the elicitation, analysis, documentation and validation phases. Along with the process, methods like P Language (a specification language), non-functional(More)
Virtual Machine (VM) live migration is key for implementing resource management policies to optimize metrics such as server utilization, energy consumption, and quality-of-service. A fundamental challenge for VM live migration is its impact on both user and resource provider sides, including service downtime and high network utilization. Several VM live(More)
Modern computers present a big gap between peak performance and sustained performance. There are many reasons for this situation, but mainly involving an inefficient usage of computational resources. Nowadays the memory system is the most critical component because of its growing inability to keep up with the processor requests. Technological trends have(More)
Adaptive algorithms are capable of modifying their own behavior through time, depending on the execution characteristics. Recently, we have proposed LRU-WAR, an adaptive replacement algorithm whose objective is to minimize failures detected in LRU policy, preserving its simplicity and low overhead. In this paper, we present our contribution to the study of(More)
An effective workload distribution has a prime rule on reducing the total execution time of a parallel application on heterogeneous environments , such as computational grids and heterogeneous clusters. Several methods have been proposed in the literature by many researchers in the last decade. This paper presents two approaches to workload distribution(More)
Virtual machine live migration in cloud environments aims at reducing energy costs and increasing resource utilization. However, its potential has not been fully explored because of simultaneous migrations that may cause user application performance degradation and network congestion. Research efforts on live migration orchestration policies still mostly(More)