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Comparative gas exchange performance during the wet season of three Brazilian Styrax species under habitat conditions of cerrado vegetation types differing in soil water availability and crown density
Abstract We studied the influence of environmental conditions in different vegetation types of the Brazilian savanna (cerrado s.l.) on CO 2 assimilation and water use efficiency of Styrax ferrugineusExpand
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The epiphytic Cactaceae Hylocereus setaceus (Salm-Dick ex DC.) ralf bauer seed germination is controlled by light and temperature
The effect of light and temperature on seed germination in Hylocereus setaceus was analyzed by isothermic incubations under continuous white light and darkness. The minimum temperature forExpand
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Época de colheita e capacidade germinativa de sementes de Tibouchina mutabilis (Vell.) Cogn. (Melastomataceae)
Simao, E., Nakamura, A.T. & Takaki, M. Harvest period and germination capacity of Tibouchina mutabilis (Vell.) Cogn. (Melastomataceae) seeds. Biota Neotrop. Jan/Apr 2007 vol. 7, no. 1Expand
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The germination of seeds of Epiphyllum phyllanthus (L.) Haw. (Cactaceae) is controlled by phytochrome and by nonphytochrome related process
The Epiphyllum phyllanthus seeds present high sensitivity to light and their germination can be promoted by dim green safe light through the very low fluence response mediated by phytochrome A. PartExpand
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Aspectos ecofisiológicos da germinação, sobrevivência e desenvolvimento inicial de Styrax camporum Pohl (Styracaceae)
Ecophysiological aspects of germination, survival, and initial development of Styrax camporum Pohl. (Styracaceae) The methods proposed for programs of recovery of degraded areas indicated that theExpand
Note on the germination of Vochysia tucanorum seeds treated with growth regulators
(Note on the germination of Vochysia tucanorum seeds treated with growth regulators). The aim of this work was to evaluate the germination response of Vochysia tucanorum Mart. seeds treated with GA3Expand
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Germination of Styrax camporum Pohl. seeds in response to substrate types, moisture contents and the seed morphology.
This study evaluated the contributions of Styrax camporum seed morphology (size of seeds, presence or absence of endocarp attached to the seed), different substrates (filter paper, vermiculite, sandExpand
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This study describes the development of anthers and pollen in heterostylic flowers of two species of Erythroxylum. The features of anthers and their developmental pattern, which is of theExpand
Idioblasts formation and essential oil production in irrigated Piper aduncum
production of monoterpene (Taiz et al. 2017), which is basically an essential oil from which the dillapiole phenyl ether is extracted (Siviero et al. 2015). The species is common in the Amazon andExpand
Effect of light and temperature on seed germination in Tibouchina mutabilis (Vell.) Cogn. (Melastomataceae)
The effect of light and temperature on Tibouchina mutabilis seed germination was analyzed by isothermic incubations in the range of 10 to 40 °C, with 5 °C intervals under both continuous white lightExpand
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