Edson Ronaldo Guarido Filho

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This article is based on the assumption that the construction of scientific knowledge is a social process characterized by the recursive dynamic between the social and intellectual dimensions. In light of this statement, we investigated how the construction of the institutional perspective is delineated in the context of organizational studies in Brazil(More)
The concept of the organizational field has been greatly dealt with in the literature on institutional theory in recent years. As the concept of field involves a relational and symbolic dimension, we propose that the theory of structuration, based on the logic of recursiveness between agency and structure should be adapted to the understanding of the field(More)
Based on the assumption that scientific knowledge is a social construction, (re)produced by a community of practicing researchers, in this article we seek to delineate two dimensions of this process. The first, which we have called the social dimension, has to do with the social interactions among researchers in a determined scientific field, being(More)
O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar a influência de valores ambientais e organizacionais sobre a aprendizagem organizacional em empresas do setor de alimentos no Estado do Paraná. Para tanto, a presente pesquisa procura integrar elementos cognitivos, culturais e institucionais na investigação da natureza desse fenômeno enquanto processo articulado no(More)
" Team chemistry " through chemistry lenses: interdisciplinary science or a metaphorical conundrum? A Google search on " team chemistry " returns over 443,000 entries (October 2014) usually denoting some sort of team process, such as cohesion, shared mental models, and collective efficacy. Practitioners (e.g., athletic coaches and business managers) often(More)
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