Edson Ramos Andrade

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The aim of this work was to test the hypothesis that a moderate intake of organic purple grape juice shows a positive radiomodifier effect over early behavioural damage following acute X-irradiation in mice. Anxiety-, locomotion-, and feeding-related responses to 6 Gy total body X-irradiation (TBI) were studied via open field, Rotarod, and feeding/drinking(More)
Gamma irradiation as a decontaminating physical agent could be an important tool in the production chain of herbal medicines by improving the microbiological quality of raw materials and the safety of final products. This study was undertaken to investigate the genotoxic potential and eventual chemical modifications of a batch of Mikania glomerata raw(More)
A radiological dispersal device (RDD) is a simple weapon capable of causing human harm, environmental contamination, disruption, area denial, and economic cost. It can affect small, large, or long areas depending on atmospheric stability. The risk of developing a radio-induced cancer depends on exposure, and an effective response depends upon available(More)
PURPOSE Whole brain irradiation (WBI) causes a variety of secondary side-effects including anorexia and bone necrosis. We evaluated the radiomodifying effect of black grape juice (BGJ) on WBI alterations in rats measuring food and water intake, body weight, hemogram, and morphological and histological mandibular parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty(More)
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