Edson R. Rocha

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This study shows that the iron-storage protein ferritin is a component of the redox-stress response in the obligate anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis. It is up-regulated at transcriptional level under aerobic conditions but constitutively expressed at low levels under anaerobic conditions. Northern hybridization and primer extension analysis revealed that ftnA(More)
Bacteroides are gram-negative anaerobes and one of the most abundant members the lower GI tract microflora where they play an important role in normal intestinal physiology. Disruption of this commensal relationship has a great impact on human health and disease. Bacteroides spp. are significant opportunistic pathogens causing infections when the mucosal(More)
Bacteroides fragilis is the most frequent opportunistic pathogen isolated from anaerobic infections. However, there is a paucity of information regarding the genetic and molecular aspects of gene expression of its virulence factors during extra-intestinal infections. A potential virulence factor that has received little attention is the ability of B.(More)
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