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This report presents the results of a test-retest reliability study of the alcohol and drug dependence, as well as harmful use/abuse were investigated in Ankara, Turkey and Farmington, Connecticut (US). Reliabilities for the past year, prior to past year, and lifetime diagnosis of alcohol and drug use disorders were evaluated using ICD-IO, DSM-III-R and(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the possibility of bias due to the limited target list and geographic sampling of the World Health Organization (WHO)/Health Action International (HAI) Medicine Prices and Availability survey used in more than 70 rapid sample surveys since 2001. METHODS A survey was conducted in Peru in 2005 using an expanded sample of medicine(More)
The failure of subjects to complete clinical trials is a common problem with important implications for the interpretation of study results. Although a substantial literature exists on the high prevalence of premature termination from psychiatric and substance abuse treatment setting, there has been little attention paid to early discontinuation in clinical(More)
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