Edson Lemos Horta

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Tools and a design methodology have been developed to support partial run-time reconfiguration of FPGA logic on the Field Programmable Port Extender. High-speed Internet packet processing circuits on this platform are implemented as Dynamic Hardware Plugin (DHP) modules that fit within a specific region of an FPGA device. The PARBIT tool has been developed(More)
This paper presents an innovative way to deploy Bitstream Intellectual Property (BIP) cores. By using standard tools to generate bitstreams for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and a tool called PARBIT, it is possible to extract a partial bitstream containing a modular component developed on one Virtex FPGA that can be placed or relocated inside(More)
This paper presents the dynamic hardware plugins (DHP) architecture for implementing multiple networking applications in hardware at programmable routers. By enabling multiple applications to be dynamically loaded into a single hardware device, the DHP architecture provides a scalable mechanism for implementing high-performance programmable routers. The DHP(More)
Recommended by Jörn Altmann This paper presents a simplified method for signal level clearance evaluation in each place of signal reception up to threshold for a given portable TV receiver device. It describes briefly the structure of transmission system considering the " 1Seg " structure of ISDB-T. The preliminary laboratory test was made before the field(More)
To fully support the partial reconfiguration capabilities of FPGAs, this paper introduces the tool and API BitMan for generating and manipulating configuration bitstreams. Bit-Man supports recent Xilinx FPGAs that can be used by the ISE and Vivado tool suites of the FPGA vendor Xilinx, including latest Virtex-6, 7 Series, UltraScale and UltraScale−(More)