Edson José Amâncio

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OBJECTIVE Based on evidence showing that electrical stimulation of the nervous system is an effective method to decrease chronic neurogenic pain, we aimed to investigate whether the combination of 2 methods of electrical stimulation-a method of peripheral stimulation [transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)] and a method of noninvasive brain(More)
The authors present two cases of temporal lobe epilepsy with happiness and pleasure during the seizure. Discussing the rarity of these clinical findings, the concept of epileptic aura is historically reviewed with special attention to Dostoievski's epilepsy and its descriptions by the medical literature.
To the Editor: Although therapeutics for the treatment of pain have developed considerably in the last few years, they still may fail to alleviate pain in cancer patients or become associated with significant undesirable side effects. Pain because of pancreatic cancer may be an example of such an instance. Patients with locally advanced or advanced(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Central pain, classified as neuropathic, is defined as a painful syndrome caused by injury to central nervous system structures. This is one of the most complexes, intriguing and difficult to treat syndromes. This study aimed at promoting a narrative review including the concept of central pain, its intercurrent symptoms which are(More)
Stendhal's syndrome occurs among travelers when they encounter a work of art of great beauty. It is characterized by an altered perception of reality, emotional disturbances, and crises of panic and anxiety with somatization. The patient profile described originally for this syndrome was of particularly sensitive individuals who were admirers of works or(More)
Mortality due to epilepsy is of great concern worldwide. Individuals with epilepsy have a two- or three-fold risk of death when compared to the general population. Based on biographical data and Anna Grigoriévna Dostoevskaia's memories, the authors concluded that a prolonged episode of status epilepticus was the culprit in the death of young Aliocha,(More)
The Ekbom's syndrome, also known as delirium of parasitic infestation, acarophobia, delusional parasitosis, psychogenic parasitosis, is a disease of rare occurrence. Generally it is characterized by the firm conviction of the patients to be infected by worms that come out of the skin, usually from the scalp or even from the mouth, from the eyes or from the(More)
Central pain derived from cerebral tumors is considered rare by most authors. The few cases described in literature refer to central pain caused by expansive lesions in the contralateral parietal cortex. Usually, not even thalamic tumors cause central pain. We describe two cases of central pain related to expansive lesions in the parietal cortical region -(More)
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