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In this paper we present deterministic parallel algorithms for the coarse-grained multicomputer (CGM) and bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) models for solving the following well-known graph problems: (1) list ranking, (2) Euler tour construction in a tree, (3) computing the connected components and spanning forest, (4) lowest common ancestor preprocessing,(More)
In this paper we present a coarse-grained parallel algorithm for solving the string edit distance problem for a string A and all substrings of a string C. Our method is based on a novel CGM/BSP parallel dynamic programming technique for computing all highest scoring paths in a weighted grid graph. The algorithm requires \log p rounds/supersteps and(More)
Given two strings and of lengths Ñ and Ò, respectively , the all-substrings longest common subsequence (ALCS) problem obtains the lengths of the subsequences common to and any substring of. The sequential algorithm takes Ç´ÑÒµ time and Ç´Òµ space. We present a parallel algorithm for ALCS on a coarse-grained multi-computer (BSP/CGM) model with Ô Ô Ô Ñ(More)
In this paper we present a parallel wavefront algorithm for computing an alignment between two strings A and C, with |A| = m and |C| = n. On a distributed memory parallel computer of p processors each with O((m + n)/p) memory, the proposed algorithm requires O(p) communication rounds and O(mn/p) local computing time. The novelty of this algorithm is based(More)