Edris Mohammed

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This paper describes both a near term and a long term optical interconnect solution, the first based on a packaging architecture and the second based on a monolithic photonic CMOS architecture. The packaging-based optical I/O architecture implemented with 90 nm CMOS transceiver circuits, 1 12 VCSEL/detector arrays and polymer waveguides achieves 10(More)
We describe the design and development of a high-speed 8-channel hybrid integrated optical transceiver package with Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) circuits. The package concept has been developed to be compatible with microprocessor package technology and at the same time allow the integration of low cost, high-performance optical components. A 90nm CMOS(More)
The microprocessor architecture transition from multi-core to many-core will drive increased chip-to-chip I/O bandwidth demands at processor/memory interfaces and in multi-processor systems. Future architectures will require bandwidths of 200GB/s to 1.0TB/s and will bring about the era of tera-scale computing. To meet these bandwidth demands, traditional(More)
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