Edouard Zarifian

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The central benzodiazepine receptor occupancy by zolpidem in man is unknown. The present study used positron emission tomography (PET) and [11C]flumazenil to assess in five healthy volunteers, central benzodiazepine receptor occupancy in brain regions with high receptor densities 1 h following an acute oral administration of twice the usual hypnotic dose of(More)
A sparteine test was carried out in 14 patients suffering from acute schizophrenic psychoses before and 1-2 times during oral haloperidol treatment in doses of 10-40 mg day-1. In patients classified as extensive metabolisers (sparteine MR less than 20 before treatment), haloperidol treatment resulted in a rise in sparteine MR that correlated with the(More)
Studies of central benzodiazepine receptors in the human brain in vivo are now possible using positron emission tomography (PET) and [11C]flumazenil. With the aim of measuring Bmax and Kd in brain regions, we used a two-injection [11C]flumazenil (at high and low specific radioactivity, respectively) pseudo-equilibrium paradigm to evaluate, in seven(More)
In a group of 22 autistic children aged 5 to 16 years and a group of normal controls matched for age and sex, catecholamines metabolism was investigated in plasma, platelets, and urine. This investigation was part of a research project in which several biological parameters (including serotonin) were explored simultaneously in the same children. In the(More)
Demographic data, personal and familial characteristics, as well as DSM-III-R-based psychiatric diagnoses were collected in 369 adolescents and young adults aged between 15 and 29 years, referred to an Emergency Department for psychological problems. In total, 60% of them were suicide attempters. Separations before the age of 12 years and depression in the(More)
The relationship between the serum imipramine concentration and its antidepressant effects remain undefined despite > 30 years of clinical investigation. No study to date has assessed the kinetic relationships between the concentrations of imipramine and its metabolites in plasma and in various brain structures. In this study, we examine the(More)
The effects of oral buspirone (BUS, 10 mg) and diazepam (DZP, 10 mg) were studied in 12 healthy women volunteers using subjective ratings, objective tests of psychomotor and cognitive functions and urinary dosage of catecholamine output. Drugs were randomly administered to the same subjects, in a crossover, double-blind study, each drug administration being(More)
Successive auditory stimulation sequences were presented binaurally to 18 young normal volunteers. Five conditions were investigated: two reference tasks, assumed to involve passive listening to couples of musical sounds, and three discrimination tasks, one dealing with pitch, and two with timbre (either with or without the attack). A symmetrical montage of(More)
The positron emitter 11C (20 minutes half-life) permits the labeling of chlorpromazine (CPZ) and the study of its distribution in humans by external counting. Trace amounts of 11C-CPZ were injected intravenously into 22 schizophrenic patients all untreated for several months with neuroleptics. The brain uptake was 6.04 +/- 1.6% of the injected dose 15(More)
The present study involves a prospective review of all patients who visited the Emergency Psychiatric Service during the period from December, 6, 1993 to June, 5, 1994. A questionnaire was proposed to 1073 subjects (57.2% females; 42.8% males; mean age = 36.6 +/- 0.89). Demographic data, familial and personal characteristics, previous contacts with(More)