Edouard R. Boudinov

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B 0 d meson oscillations are measured in hadronic Z 0 decays using the charge of a lepton or the mean charge of an event hemisphere to sign the presence of a b or a b quark when it is produced, and using the charge of a lepton emitted at large p t or of a D to sign the presence of a B or a B meson when it decays. With 3.2 million hadronic Z 0 decays(More)
An inclusive measurement of the average multiplicity of b b pairs from gluons, g b b , in hadronic Z 0 events collected by the DELPHI experiment at LEP, is presented. A counting technique, based on jet b-tagging in 4-jet events, has been used. Looking for secondary bottom production in events with production of any primary avour, by requiring two b-tagged(More)
A precise measurement of the strange quark forward-backward asymmetry is presented here, based on 1.4 M multihadronic events collected during 1994 by the DELPHI experiment. The Ring Imaging CHerenkov (RICH) detectors located in the Barrel and in the Forward regions allow a track-by-track identiication of high energy charged kaons which are used to tag the s(More)
The measurement of the correlation between the transverse spin components of + ? pairs collected during 1992 to 1994 with the DELPHI detector at LEP1 is presented. A value ? 0:12 (syst.) was obtained for the correlation parameter, in agreement with the Standard Model expectation.
Correlations between pions from diierent Ws in e + e ? !W + W ? events are studied using data collected by the DELPHI detector at LEP running at a centre-of-mass energy of 172 GeV in 1996. At the present level of statistics, no enhancement of the correlation function above that expected from a pair of uncorrelated Ws is observed at small values of the(More)
A new conjugate direction method is proposed, which is based on an orthogonalization procedure and does not make use of line searches for the conjugate vector set construction. This procedure prevents the set of conjugate vectors from degeneracy and eliminates high sensitivity to computation errors pertinent to methods of conjugate directions, resulting in(More)
In an analysis of multihadronic events recorded at LEP by DELPHI in the years 1992 through 1994, charged hadrons are identiied using the measurement of their energy loss and their Cherenkov angle. Rapidity correlations of-, proton-proton, and-proton pairs are compared. The agreement with the string and cluster fragmentation models is tested. For those pairs(More)
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