Edouard Outin

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Neural crest cells migrate extensively and give rise to most of the peripheral nervous system, including sympathetic, parasympathetic, enteric, and dorsal root ganglia. We studied how parasympathetic ganglia form close to visceral organs and what their precursors are. We find that many cranial nerve-associated crest cells coexpress the pan-autonomic(More)
Due to high electricity consumption in the Cloud datacenters, providers aim at maximizing energy efficiency through VM consolidation, accurate resource allocation or adjusting VM usage. More generally, the provider attempts to optimize resource utilization. However, while minimizing expenses, the Cloud operator still needs to conform to SLA constraints(More)
As cloud computing is being more and more used, datacenters play a large role in the overall energy consumption. We propose to tackle this problem, by continuously and autonomously optimizing the cloud datacenters energy efficiency. To this end, modeling the energy consumption for these infrastructures is crucial to drive the optimization process,(More)
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