Edouard Monnier

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A. Alavi-Harati, T. Alexopoulos, M. Arenton, K. Arisaka, S. Averitte, R. F. Barbosa,* A. R. Barker, M. Barrio, L. Bellantoni, A. Bellavance, J. Belz, D. R. Bergman, E. Blucher, G. J. Bock, C. Bown, S. Bright, E. Cheu, S. Childress, R. Coleman, M. D. Corcoran, G. Corti, B. Cox, A. R. Erwin, R. Ford, A. Glazov, A. Golossanov, G. Graham, J. Graham, E.(More)
E. Abouzaid, M. Arenton, A. R. Barker,* M. Barrio, L. Bellantoni, E. Blucher, G. J. Bock, C. Bown, E. Cheu, R. Coleman, M.D. Corcoran, B. Cox, A. R. Erwin, C. O. Escobar, A. Glazov, A. Golossanov, R.A. Gomes, P. Gouffon, J. Graham, J. Hamm, Y. B. Hsiung, D.A. Jensen, R. Kessler, K. Kotera, J. LaDue, A. Ledovskoy, P. L. McBride, E. Monnier, H. Nguyen, R.(More)
We have compared the decay rates of KL and KS to π π and ππ final states using a subset of the data from the KTeV experiment (E832) at Fermilab. We find that the direct-CP-violation parameter Re(ǫ/ǫ) is equal to (28.0± 3.0 (stat)± 2.8 (syst))× 10. This result definitively establishes the existence of CP violation in a decay process. Typeset using REVTEX
A. Alavi-Harati,12 I. F. Albuquerque,10 T. Alexopoulos,12 M. Arenton,11 K. Arisaka,2 S. Averitte,10 A. R. Barker,5 L. Bellantoni,7 A. Bellavance,9 J. Belz,10 R. Ben-David,7 D. R. Bergman,10 E. Blucher,4 G. J. Bock,7 C. Bown,4 S. Bright,4 E. Cheu,1 S. Childress,7 R. Coleman,7 M. D. Corcoran,9 G. Corti,11 B. Cox,11 M. B. Crisler,7 A. R. Erwin,12 R. Ford,7 A.(More)
We report on two null searches, one for the spontaneous appearance of ππ pairs, another for a single π, consistent with the decay of a long-lived neutral particle into hadrons and an unseen neutral particle. For the lowest level gluon-gluino bound state, known as the R, we exclude the decays R → ππγ̃ and R → πγ̃ for the masses of R and γ̃ in the(More)
We present the first measurement of the form factor ratios g(1)/f(1) (direct axial vector to vector), g(2)/f(1) (second class current), and f(2)/f(1) (weak magnetism) for the decay Xi(0)-->Sigma(+)e(-)nu macro(e) using the KTeV (E799) beam line and detector at Fermilab. From the Sigma(+) polarization measured with the decay Sigma(+)-->p pi(0) and the(More)
The KTeV E799 experiment has conducted a search for the rare decays, K(L)→π(0)π(0)μ(+)μ(-) and K(L)→π(0)π(0)X(0)→π(0)π(0)μ(+)μ(-), where the X(0) is a possible new neutral boson that was reported by the HyperCP experiment with a mass of (214.3 ± 0.5) MeV/c(2). We find no evidence for either decay. We obtain upper limits of(More)
The KTeV/E799 experiment at Fermilab has searched for the rare kaon decay K(L)-->pi(0)e(+)e(-). This mode is expected to have a significant CP violating component. The measurement of its branching ratio could support the standard model or could indicate the existence of new physics. This Letter reports new results from the 1999-2000 data set. One event is(More)