Edouard Ferrand

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BACKGROUND In France, there are no guidelines available on withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments, and information on the frequency of such decisions is scarce. METHODS We undertook a prospective 2-month survey in 113, of a total of 220, intensive-care units (ICUs) in France to study the frequency of, and processes leading to, decisions(More)
Several studies have pointed out ethical shortcomings in the decision-making process for withholding or withdrawing life-supporting treatments. We conducted a study to evaluate the perceptions of all caregivers involved in this process in the intensive care unit. A closed-ended questionnaire was completed by 3,156 nursing staff members and 521 physicians(More)
Objective: To evaluate the capacity and willingness of French-speaking patients to designate a surrogate within 24 h of their ICU admission. French laws fail to indicate what should be done when an otherwise legally competent patient transiently loses his decision-making capacity. Design: Surrogate designation was prospectively evaluated during two study(More)
BACKGROUND Strongly marked ideological positions on the impact of palliative care and limited hard data plague the debate on physician-assisted death. METHODS A national cross-sectional study on the requests to hasten death (RHD) was conducted among 789 French palliative care organisations. Data were collected for all patients with RHD encountered during(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate the influence of the anti-anaerobic antimicrobial therapy in the outcome of patients with nosocomial pneumonia. MATERIALS AND METHODS The population study included 53 intensive care unit patients with nosocomial pneumonia in whom, using a protected specimen brush, anaerobic bacteria were isolated, which were associated or not with(More)
BACKGROUND In developed countries at present, death mostly occurs in hospitals, but the circumstances and factors associated with the quality of organization and care surrounding death are not well described. METHODS We designed a large multicenter cross-sectional study to analyze the setting and clinical course of each patient on the day of death. We(More)
To investigate the end-of-life decision process in patients managed by emergency physicians in the prehospital setting. A 40-item retrospective study about most recent end-of-life decision in the prehospital setting. 1069 physicians (44.9%) from 192 French emergency mobile units. A total of 816 (76.3%) physicians reported at least one prehospital(More)