Edoardo Zattra

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Topical sunscreens contain molecules or molecular complexes that can absorb, reflect, or scatter UV photons. Evaluation of the efficacy of sunscreen products has been made through the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), a mean of quantitatively assessing in vivo the degree of protection offered by sunscreen products against solar radiation. In vivo evaluation of(More)
Bullous pemphigoid is an autoimmune blistering skin disease characterized by the presence of circulating autoantibodies which recognize specific proteins of the epidermis and dermoepidermal junction. Diagnosis is based on clinical criteria and laboratory investigations, notably histology, direct and indirect immunofluorescence, and ELISA. This study(More)
BACKGROUND A single nucleotide polymorphism (61A>G) in the epidermal growth factor (EGF) gene has been implicated in both melanoma pathogenesis and increased melanoma risk. To further evaluate this association, we conducted a case-control study in a clinic-based Italian population. METHODS Individuals with less than 10 (N = 127) or more than 100 (N = 128)(More)
Darier's disease (DD) is an autosomal dominant inherited genodermatosis which is often under- or misdiagnosed. In the majority of cases, the disease manifests in adolescents or young adults with small brownish-yellow, warty, hyperkeratotic papules in multiple seborrheic areas of the body. Localized DD (LDD) is a clinical variant, first described by Kreibich(More)
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