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BACKGROUND Air pollution is a common alibi used by adolescents taking up smoking and by smokers uncertain about quitting. However, environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) causes fine particulate matter (PM) indoor pollution exceeding outdoor limits, while new engines and fuels have reduced particulate emissions by cars. Data comparing PM emission from ETS and a(More)
Short-term measurement of suspended particulate matter has been recently made possible since the release of laser-operating portable instruments. Data of a pilot study of field evaluation of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) with a portable instrument are reported. We analysed the concentrations of total suspended particle (TSP) and of the fine particles(More)
OBJECTIVE To monitor indoor air quality index in a few Italian hospitality industry venues before and after the implementation of the smoking ban in January 2005. DESIGN Indoor PM2.5 measurements were carried out in four Milan restaurants during evening hours in the period January-February 2004, and again in January-February 2005, with concurrent outdoor(More)
AIM This study was aimed at assessing eating habits among preadolescents living in Brianza, with a special focus on snacking' and breakfast' habits. METHODS The research was carried out in 12 post-primary schools in Brianza and included 802 students attending 43 different classes (49.3% males and 50.7% females; mean age:12.6 years). The research tool was(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND Since 2004, the Antismoking Center of the National Cancer Institute of Milan has rewarded those who have been ex-smokers for longer than a year with a "former smoker" pin and a diploma. We investigated firstly whether these rewards contributed to maintain smoking withdrawal, secondly, which one of these was more appreciated and why, and(More)
This study is aimed at assessing time dedicated to, motivation and involvement in physical activity on behalf of pre-adolescents. 802 students (49.3% boys and 50.7% girls; mean age: 12.6) attending 43 classes of 11 Brianza's post-elementary schools. A questionnaire was prepared and administered to the involved sample. Classes took part in this study through(More)
The pattern of use of emergency department of hospitals is on the agenda of policy makers at national, regional and local level. It is still difficult to achieve a balance between the claim for improving the accessibility in order to allow people in need to receive this level of care and the possible its inappropriate use. The triage procedure offers the(More)
We describe two ground-based observing campaigns aimed at building a grid of approximately 200 spectrophotometric standard stars (SPSS), with an internal 1 per cent precision and tied to Vega within 3 per cent, for the absolute flux calibration of data gathered by Gaia, the European Space Agency (ESA) astrometric mission. The criteria for the selection and(More)