Edoardo Mainini

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Abstract: For a functional defined on the class of closed onedimensional connected subsets of R we consider the corresponding minimization problem and we give suitable first order necessary conditions of optimality. The cases studied here are the average distance functional arising in the mass transportation theory, and the energy related to an elliptic PDE.
We consider, in an abstract setting, an instance of the Coleman-Gurtin model for heat conduction with memory, that is, the Volterra integro-differential equation ∂tu(t)− β∆u(t)− ∫ t 0 k(s)∆u(t− s)ds = 0. We establish new results for the exponential and polynomial decay of solutions, by means of conditions on the convolution kernel which are weaker than the(More)
Recent evidence has shown that endocrine tumors are under an endocrine and an immune regulation, and that biotherapies with interferon or the long-acting somatostatin analog octreotide may be effective in the control of tumor growth and clinical symptomatology. Within the biotherapies of tumors, interleukin-2(IL-2) has appeared to play an essential role in(More)
Preliminary clinical studies would suggest that the immune alterations characterizing severe human illnesses, such as autoimmune diseases and cancer itself, may depend at least in part on an anomalous psychoneuroendocrine regulation of the immunity. Unfortunately, at present the psychoneuroimmune interactions may be clinically investigated only by(More)
In order to evaluate the efficacy of a TSH suppressive dose of levothyroxine to reduce the volume of a single thyroid nodule we studied 55 euthyroid patient: 45 (group A) were suppressed with LT4 (mean 1.7 +/- 0.9 micrograms/Kg/day) for 21.3 +/- 5.3 months, and 10 patients (group B) served as controls. All the nodules were "cold" at scintiscanning, solid at(More)
We continue the study of [AS] on the Chapman-Rubinstein-Schatzman-E evolution model for superconductivity, viewed as a gradient flow on the space of measures equipped with the quadratic Wasserstein structure. In [AS] we considered the case of positive (probability) measures, while here we consider general signed measures, as in the physical model.(More)
We consider an energy functional on measures in R arising in superconductivity as a limit case of the well-known Ginzburg Landau functionals. We study its gradient flow with respect to the Wasserstein metric of probability measures, whose corresponding time evolutive problem can be seen as a mean field model for the evolution of vortex densities. Improving(More)
OBJECTIVES Despite the well documented influence of the pineal gland on pituitary function, the evaluation of pineal activity is not generally included in the clinical investigation of patients with pituitary tumours. The present study analyzed the circadian secretion of melatonin, the main pineal hormone, in patients with pituitary adenomas. METHODS The(More)
We have evaluated, for a period of 12 months, the response to the combined therapy with oral hypoglycaemic agents and insulin at low doses in a group of 21 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in secondary failure. A clear improvement of the parameters considered (fasting and postprandial glycaemia, glycated haemoglobin) was obtained, while maintaining(More)