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Some essential features of the terrestrial hydrologic cycle and ecosystem response are singled out by confronting empirical observations of the soil water balance of different ecosystems with the results of a stochastic model of soil moisture dynamics. The simplified framework analytically describes how hydroclimatic variability (especially the frequency(More)
Designed, green infrastructures are becoming a customary feature of the urban landscape. Sustainable technologies for stormwater management, and biofilters in particular, are increasingly used to reduce stormwater runoff volumes and peaks as well as improve the water quality of runoff discharged into urban water bodies. Although a lot of research has been(More)
Similarity solutions of the shallow-water equation with a generalized resistance term are studied for open channel flows when both inertial and gravity forces are negligible. The resulting model encompasses various particular cases that appear, in addition to mathematical hydraulics, in diverse physical phenomena, such as gravity currents, creeping flows of(More)
The relative entropy between the joint probability distribution of backward and forward sequences is used to quantify time asymmetry (or irreversibility) for stationary time series. The parallel with the thermodynamic theory of nonequilibrium steady states allows us to link the degree of asymmetry in the time signal with the distance from equilibrium and(More)
Some exact solutions to the forward Chapman-Kolmogorov equation are derived for processes driven by both Gaussian and compound Poisson (shot) noise. The combined action of these two forms of white noise is analyzed in transient and equilibrium conditions for different jump distributions and additive Gaussian noise. Steady-state distributions with power-law(More)
We introduce a general class of stochastic processes forced by instantaneous random fires (i.e., jumps) that reset the state variable x to a given value. Since in many physical systems the fire activity is often dependent on the actual value of the state variable, as in the case of natural fires in ecosystems and firing dynamics in neuronal activity, the(More)
In urban environments, the breakdown of chemicals and pollutants, especially ions and metal compounds, can be favoured by green water infrastructures (GWIs). The overall aim of this review is to set the basis to model GWIs using deterministic approaches in contrast to empirical ones. If a better picture of chemicals and pollutant input and an improved(More)
This study proposes a comprehensive reaction network of the soil microbial breakdown of the main compounds in human urine to the end products NH₃ and NH₄⁺. A reactive model was developed and parameters were determined against experimental data. The model was used to assess the amount and release rate of NH₃ and NH₄⁺ in a soil control volume flushed with (i)(More)
Recent measurements of the high-energy charged particle environment with the Radiation Environment Monitor (REM) aboard the Russian Mir space station are presented. Ionizing dose rates in a silicon detector have been measured with two shieldings. The dose is mainly accumulated in two distinct areas, the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) and the region of closest(More)
On the basis of the currents induced by electron ¯uxes in the Scintillating Fibre Detector (SFD) onboard the EQUATORS satellite launched on 2 December 1997, an in-situ acceleration of radiation belt electrons is found to possibly contribute to the increase of the ¯ux of electrons with energies greater than 400 keV. The data acquired between 16 December 1997(More)