Edoardo Bozzi

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An image processing procedure is proposed aiming at detecting porosity defects in materials used in the aerospace industry by means of the analysis of C-scan images obtained by ultrasound inspection techniques. An image is described through a number of features, which are then analyzed in order to evaluate the similarity of an unknown examined image with(More)
An air-spaced coaxial-fed patch antenna to be used as a microwave sensor for non-destructive porosity measurements in lowloss dielectric materials is presented. The variation of the patch resonant frequency when it is put on the surface of the material under test is used to estimate the dielectric permittivity. Then, a standard two-phase mixture model is(More)
There is a growing interest in using ultrasound diagnostic techniques for non-destructive testing of marblelstone blocks or structural elements with large sizes, in order to detect internal flaws such as cracks or fissures. Here a specific diagnostic procedure, based on ultrasound transmission measurements, is proposed. A prototype of a measuring set-up,(More)
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