Edoardo Biagioni

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This paper describes the design of an implementation of the Transmission Control Protocol using an extension of the Standard ML (SML) language. SML supports higher-order functions, modularity, and type-safe module composition. We find that by using SML we can achieve good structure and good performance simultaneously. Good structure includes a modular(More)
The FoxNet is an implementation of the standard TCP/IP networking protocol stack using the Standard ML (SML) language. SML is a type-safe programming language with garbage collection, a unique and advanced module system, and machineindependent semantics. The FoxNet is a user-space implementation of TCP/IP that is built in SML by composing modular protocol(More)
Advanced programming languages such as Standard ML have rarely been used for systems programming tasks such as operating systems and network communications. In order to understand more fully the requirements of systems programming, we have implemented a suite of industry-standard network communication protocols in a completely type-safe extension of(More)
84 ocial aspects in communications are becoming more and more important, and this is also reflected in mobile and ad hoc networking. Many of the articles in this issue reflect this ongoing shift in focus. The first article (Conti et al.) indicates that social aspects are generating a revolution in computing and communication. As discussed in this article,(More)
We propose a range of techniques to motivate people to share a small fraction of their available resources in designing a new networking technology to provide near-ubiquitous connectivity to others. Such technology can be used whenever the infrastructure is unavailable to provide general connectivity between individuals, and to to the Internet at large, and(More)