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Medical directors from 198 inpatient psychiatric facilities in 46 states completed a survey on the use of a durable power of attorney for health care to compel admission of unwilling patients with dementia. About half the facilities had a policy allowing use of a power of attorney for this purpose. Thirty-four percent believed that it was optional to use(More)
2 Rapid Prototyping Today's rapid product development and global market conditions set demands for entrepreneurs to adjust quickly to new conditions and to constantly adopt new technologies. Each company, irregardless of whether it develops its own final products, or acts as a supplier of components for larger companies, has to use the best available(More)
A malignolipin-like material has been identified in the tissue and blood of both normal and tumor-bearing individuals of several species of animals and of man. The material isolated by us, which had Chromatographie characteristics identical with those defining malignolipin (Kosaki), was found to be hetero geneous and to consist of lipid loosely associated(More)
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