Edna J. Nava-Gonzalez

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INTRODUCTION There are few studies integrating the common causes of osteoporosis and obesity (disorders of body composition). A first step is to investigate correlations between their biological(More)
Whole-transcriptome expression profiling provides novel phenotypes for analysis of complex traits. Gene expression measurements reflect quantitative variation in transcript-specific messenger RNA(More)
BACKGROUND women with endometriosis may have a decreased bone mineral density (BMD). Several studies have shown that accumulation of adipose tissue profoundly affects BMD. It has also been documented(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe the methodology used to analyze multiple transcripts using microarray techniques in simultaneous biopsies of muscle, adipose tissue and lymphocytes obtained from the same(More)
Studies of gene-environment (GxE) interactions describe how genetic and environmental factors influence the risk of developing disease. Intermediate (molecular or clinical) phenotypes (IPs) are(More)