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A significant portion of MacMahon's famous book " Combinatory Analysis " is devoted to the development of " Partition Analysis " as a computational method for solving problems in connection with linear homogeneous diophantine inequalities and equations, respectively. Nevertheless, MacMahon's ideas have not received due attention with the exception of work(More)
BOLD fMRI is often used for the study of human language. However, there are still very few attempts to conduct longitudinal fMRI studies in the study of language acquisition by measuring auditory comprehension and reading. The following paper is the first in a series concerning a unique longitudinal study devoted to the analysis of bi- and multilingual(More)
Interest in the intersection of emotion and language has generated a significant body of research with several different theoretical orientations over the past several decades. Those studies that are more specifically cast within the paradigms of theoretical and cognitive linguistics and cross-cultural pragmatics 1 have provided a rich ground for continuing(More)
All knowledge, from the most tentative guess to the most demonstrative certainty, is grounded on evidence; it is supported by data, credentials, warrants, and premises. The data are not themselves evidence for that to which they attest; they must be interpreted to be evidence, to give some credibility to what they support. The whole of culture should be(More)
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