Edmundo Saez

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This work presents a new global motion estimation algorithm for MPEG compressed video sequences. It makes use of a feature extraction technique based on the Generalized Hough Transform, which is able to provide rotation, scale and displacement parameters when comparing two different frames from a video sequence. Thus, pan, tilt, swing (rotation along(More)
This work presents a new scene change detection method in MPEG compressed video. This method is based on two different video characteristics, edges and luminance, and takes the best of them to define two distance functions. On one hand, a contour based distance function that requires no registration technique is introduced. On the other hand, a new distance(More)
This work presents a new video indexing technique able to detect shot cuts as well as gradual transitions in MPEG compressed video sequences. Moreover, this technique also allows to perform global motion estimation in order to successfully detect swing, zoom and displacement effects in video streams. In fact, motion information is used during the gradual(More)
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