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The European Integrated Project GEYSERS - Generalised Architecture for Dynamic Infrastructure Services - is concentrating on infrastructures incorporating integrated optical network and IT resources in support of the Future Internet with special emphasis on cloud computing. More specifically GEYSERS proposes the concept of Virtual Infrastructures over one(More)
Chemical and biological systems have similarities with IT-systems as they can be observed as sequences of events. Most available tools propose simulation frameworks to explore biological pathways (i.e., sequences of events). Simulation only explores a few of the most probable pathways in the system. On the contrary, techniques such as model checking, coming(More)
In the modelling of systems, it is common to obtain high order mathematical models. This can lead to problems in implementation, computing problems or problems in the design of the controller. It is thus preferable to obtain reduced models of the system. The selection of the most suitable reduced model, with real applications in some cases, should not be(More)
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