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The crystal structure of methyl 6-O-benzyl-2-deoxy-2-dimethylmaleimido-α-D-allopyranoside was solved in order to gain insight into the hydrogen bond features which can be determining features in the(More)
An assessment of the relative O-3/O-4 reactivities of both methyl alpha- and beta-d-glycosides of N-dimethylmaleoyl (DMM) d-glucosamine acceptors protected at O-6 with benzoyl (Bz), benzyl (Bn), and(More)
The title diketo acid, (-)-alpha,3a,7-trimethyl-5,8-dioxo-1,4-ethanoperhydropentalene-1-acetic acid, C(15)H(20)O(4), is shown to aggregate in the solid state as acid-to-acid hydrogen-bonded catemers,(More)