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Meraki is a cloud-based network management system which provides centralized configuration, monitoring, and network troubleshooting tools across hundreds of thousands of sites worldwide. As part of its architecture, the Meraki system has built a database of time-series measurements of wireless link, client, and application behavior for monitoring and(More)
Major depressive disorder (MDD) during adolescence is a common and disabling psychiatric condition; yet, little is known about its neurobiological underpinning. Evidence indicates that MDD in adults involves alterations in white and gray matter; however, sparse research has focused on adolescent MDD. Similarly, little research has accounted for the wide(More)
The PCA community suggested some of the additional kernel benchmarks referred to but not described in this report. Image processing kernel benchmarks were suggested by Mark Richards of the Georgia Tech Research Institute. The exception is the image compression benchmark, which is based on work done by Baxter and Seibert [1]. The incomplete gamma function(More)
Code comments improve software maintainability. To address the comment scarcity issue, we propose a new automatic comment generation approach, which mines comments from a large programming Question and Answer (Q&A) site. Q&A sites allow programmers to post questions and receive solutions, which contain code segments together with their descriptions,(More)
Permeable bioreactors have gained both research and management attention as viable methods for treating mine runoff waters. We examined the operation of a field-scale bioreactor (containing mixed compost, straw and gravel) for treatment of runoff from the Mother Load (ML) mine in northern Idaho, U.S. and compared it to an experimental laboratory-scale(More)
Algorithm implementation efficiency is key to delivering high-performance computing capabilities to demanding, high throughput signal and image processing applications and simulations. Significant progress has been made in compiler optimization of serial programs, but many applications require parallel processing, which brings with it the difficult task of(More)
We propose and implement a new approach, <i>Document-Assisted Symbolic Execution (DASE)</i>, to improve automated test generation and bug detection. DASE leverages natural language processing techniques and heuristics to analyze program documentation to extract input constraints automatically. DASE then uses the input constraints to guide symbolic execution(More)
Code comments are an integral part of software development. They improve program comprehension and software maintainability. The lack of code comments is a common problem in the software industry. Therefore, it is beneficial to generate code comments automatically. In this paper, we propose a general approach to generate code comments automatically by(More)
Many new computer architecture designs consist of multiple tiles. We define kernel benchmarks and metrics to be used to evaluate tiled architectures for DoD applications, and examine the performance of a prototype tiled architecture, the RAW processor from MIT, on these kernel benchmarks. We compare the performance of RAW to the performance of an embedded(More)