Edmund R. Becker

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OBJECTIVE Personal health records (PHRs) can increase patient access to health care information. However, use of PHRs may be unequal by race/ethnicity. DESIGN The authors conducted a 2-year cohort study (2005-2007) assessing differences in rates of registration with KP.org, a component of the Kaiser Permanente electronic health record (EHR). (More)
BACKGROUND In recent clinical trials, glycoprotein IIb/IIIa blockers have demonstrated effectiveness in preventing adverse events after angioplasty in high-risk patients. However, uncertainty exists regarding the cost-effective selection of patients to receive antiplatelet therapy. METHODS AND RESULTS All 4962 patients at Emory University Hospitals who(More)
Between 1970 and 1980, the percentage of hospitals with one or more collective bargaining contracts increased from 15.7 percent to 27.4 percent. A substantial amount of variation exists in the extent of unionism on the basis of hospital ownership, bed size, and location. Employees are more likely to organize when hospitals in the State are regulated by a(More)
Short sections of text, not to exceed three paragraphs, may be quoted without written permission provided that full attribution is given to the source and the above copyright notice is included. iii Foreword Although health care for the uninsured has been a key issue at both the federal and state levels, policymakers have been moving on other health care(More)
This study, using National Labor Relations Board data and American Hospital Association data, reports on the status of union election activity in the hospital industry for a 65-month period, January 1980-May 1985, and contrasts it with earlier data for a similar 65-month time period (1974-79). Together these data provide a comprehensive overview of union(More)
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