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Twenty-one children with mite-sensitive asthma took part in a crossover randomised controlled trial of mite-free bedding. Each child was issued with a new sleeping bag and pillow for a month, and twice-daily peak flow readings were compared with those obtained during a month in the child's ordinary bedding. Seventeen of the children had higher mean peak(More)
Mite counts and tests for mite antigen were performed on samples of dust taken from the bedding of 53 children with mite-sensitive asthma. The samples from damp houses and the beds or enuretic children had markedly more mites and mite-antigen than those from dry houses. although the predominant species was usually Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, some of the(More)
A cross-over controlled trial has been conducted among 32 adult patients with mite-sensitive asthma. The bedclothes and pillows of each subject were laundered and vacuum-cleaned and a plastic cover applied to the mattress for six weeks in an attempt to reduce exposure to mites. No improvement in daily peak-flow reading or drug usage was found in comparison(More)
BACKGROUND External cephalic version at term is not always successful. This trial was done to ascertain whether tocolysis has any effect on the success rate. METHODS A randomized, double blind, controlled trial, with continuous paired sequential analysis. Fifty-one consecutive patients with a singleton fetus in a breech presentation between 36 and 38(More)
A randomized controlled trial was conducted to test the effect of a sheet impregnated with benzyl benzoate in preventing mite infestation of new bedding. Impregnated sheets were placed on the mattresses of 17 subjects, while 19 subjects received placebo sheets. Over the following 2 years infestation occurred more commonly, and tended to be heavier, in the(More)
The serum haptoglobin concentration was measured by rate nephalometry in 56 patients with invasive carcinoma of the cervix, and in 24 women with no evidence of cervical pathology who served as control subjects. There was a significant difference in the mean serum haptoglobin concentration (p less than 0.005) between the 2 groups of patients. However there(More)
Salivary oestradiol (E2) and progesterone (P) levels have been shown to reflect the biologically active fractions in the serum. The luteal-phase status of stimulated cycles was investigated after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET). Thirty patients were randomly allocated to one of three luteal therapy groups: group A had no support, group B(More)
One hundred women aged between 14 and 43 completed a questionnaire regarding their experience and satisfaction with medical termination of pregnancy at Bedford Hospital. A visual analogue score from 0-10 was used. Age, occupation, marital status, parity, previous terminations and awareness of the medical method were recorded. Additional comments were also(More)