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Modern FPGA architectures from Altera and Xil-inx have shifted away from allowing multiple drivers to connect to each interconnect wire. This paper advocates the need for this shift to single-driver wiring by investigating the necessary architectural and circuit design changes. When single-driver wiring is used, area improves by 25%, delay improves by 9%,(More)
Psoriasis is a type I-deviated disease characterized by the presence of interferon (IFN)-gamma and multiple IFN-related inflammatory genes in lesions. Because interleukin (IL)-23 is now recognized to play a role in the recruitment of inflammatory cells in a T helper cell (Th)1-mediated disease, we examined psoriasis skin lesions for production of this newly(More)
In medical research, it is rare that a single variable is sufficient to represent all relevant aspects of epidemiological risk, genomic activity, adverse events, or clinical response. Since biological systems tend to be neither linear, nor hierarchical in nature, the assumptions of traditional multivariate statistical methods based on the linear model can(More)
Each new semiconductor technology node brings smaller, faster transistors and smaller, slower wires. In particular, long interconnect wires in modern FPGAs now require rebuffering at interior points in the wire. This paper presents a framework for designing and evaluating long, buffered interconnect wires in FPGAs with near-optimal delay performance using(More)
BACKGROUND Alefacept (anti-CD2) biological therapy selectively targets effector memory T cells (Tem) in psoriasis vulgaris, a model Type 1 autoimmune disease. METHODS Circulating leukocytes were phenotyped in patients receiving alefacept for moderate to severe psoriasis. RESULTS In all patients, this treatment caused a preferential decrease in effector(More)
In this paper we present a coupled aerostructural optimization procedure for the design of a fuel-efficient regional aircraft configuration. A detailed mission analysis is performed on an optimized flight mission profile to accurately compute the mission range, fuel burn, and flight time. The mission analysis procedure is designed to allow flexible mission(More)
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