Edmund Lam

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Wnt signaling, which encompasses multiple biochemical pathways that regulate neural development downstream of extracellular Wnt glycoprotein ligands, has been suggested to contribute to major psychiatric disorders including autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We used next-generation sequencing and Sequenom genotyping technologies to resequence 10 Wnt signaling(More)
RNA molecules can achieve a broad range of regulatory functions through specific structures that are in turn determined by their sequence. The prediction of mutations changing the structural properties of RNA sequences (a.k.a. deleterious mutations) is therefore useful for conducting mutagenesis experiments and synthetic biology applications. While brute(More)
There are many applications which can benefit from parallelisation. Employing clusters of computers provides a method to utilise commodity components , minimising cost and and maximising longevity of the individual parts. We present three popular applications; web-servers, ray tracing algorithms and data mining, and report how cluster technology can be(More)
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